Sunday, December 30, 2012

More "5" Royales! Out-takes with studio chatter--"The Real Thing!" RE UPPED 5/14!

More "5" Royales greatness, via this seldom-seen "import" which gathers alternate takes, complete with studio talk. Great track selection and sound quality. I'm glad this was "imported" by whomever "imported" it.

Since I just re-re-re-re-upped my prize-winning 2009 compilation of the Royales' complete King recordings, I thought this would make a nice sidecar.

I'll try to post more regularly in the new year ahead. I've deleted all the old posts with dead links, and will try to put at least one new thing a month up in 2013.

In the meantime, don't let it be in vain... download this sweet pile of secret soul right HERE!

Here's the track listing...

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  1. hey thanks i was reading robert palmer ( the writer and sax player from insect trust) 's book on rock and roll and found a large hole in my knowledge. i knew nothing of the 5 royals, not even that one of my favorite guitar players steve cropper was totally influenced.
    so that is how i ended up here at your wonderful site